Thursday, May 2, 2013

This month in Pictures.

April has come and gone. We've almost been married for a whole YEAR! Marriage is seriously the greatest. I've never had so much fun, been so frustrated, been so madly in love, laughed so hard, or worked harder at anything in my life. Having a boy roommate forever, rocks. 

April really was so good to us though.
Here's to Good habits, new friends, and new beginnings. 


This handsome man of mine is quite the reader.
 I obviously have a crush on him, because I sneak pictures of him when he's in his natural habitat. 
On April 26th, He graduated from BYU, Double majoring in Business and Communications, with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. 3 days later he started his Masters program in Manufacture Engineering.
 He's a genius. 
And oh so attractive...... just sayin.

And we totally matched that day... without even planning it. How tender. 

My amazing in-laws came down from Fresno to see their baby boy graduate. I seriously scored on in-laws, they do so much for us, and make me feel sooo loved.

I started my first day as a Provo LDS Temple volunteer. I work there once a week, and it is such a huge blessing in my life. (this is me holding the little bag they give us to carry in our dresses, I just have a ton of mints in there... haha)
My cousin Derrick Harris got called to serve in the Narobi, Kenya mission. He landed in the South Africa MTC on April 30th. What a stud!
I found spring in my backyard.
And I made my very first little flower box. Our front porch is ugly, so I went to Home depot, got wood cut to size, nailed it, painted it, and put in my cute little spring flowers. I just love them. And I'm an old lady.
Got to see some close friends from Seattle at Haleigh's wedding. Congrats Hal! We're all married!!!
(p.s. - I love the rice in Haleighs hair... cute) 

Bring on MAY! :) 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lessons of Love from Wrinkly hands.

In 2011, I got my certificate as a Nursing Assistant. I loved the spunky sweet personalities of the little old ladies, and quirky old men, and how they had stories that could draw you in for hours and leave you crying in the end.  There are countless times where my job was so hard that I couldn't handle it. I met so many individuals who had hearts of gold, that were going through unbelievably painful experiences. I watched as family members wold visit each day with a saddened, yet distantly hopeful look on their face. But the moments that changed my life, were the lessons I learned on love. Although old, weak, and frail, these people had been through many decades of life, and had a lot of wisdom that heaven knows I needed.

I remember as I watched as a sweet old man in his late 80's, sat at the bedside of his wife as her body slowly failed her. Two days before I had sat talking to her as she discussed the many callings she had in the LDS church, and how she had served as relief society president two different times, and how she was the Rodeo Queen when she was younger. We smiled, laughed, and cried a little. Today the scene was different. There was a spiritual, yet silent feeling that blanketed the room. I asked him how he was doing, and put my arm around him. He looked at me with a sorrowful long stare and said "If my sweetheart is not OK, it's hard for me to feel OK." Only a few days later, his darling wife's soul soon left her mortal body. And a little over a month later, he soon followed.

Another experience I remembered, was a Married couple that lived in the Nursing home together. They had pushed their beds together, and each night they slept side by side. One day in particular, I came in to bring the Woman in to take her shower. As i wheeled her out, her husband woke up, and quickly said, "Wait Miss!"

I stopped.
"My wife and I haven't said our morning prayer yet, could you please bring her back to me."

I wheeled her back in. Both of them, in there late 80's gently knelt on the side of their hospital bed and he began to pray. I waited around the corner and listened, as I bawled my eyes out.

I couldn't believe the beautiful faith of a strong, old love. In his prayer he thanked God for their health, and asked that he would lead them to help serve someone around them today. This sweet old couple, living in a nursing home, had all the reason to complain about their health, and excuse themselves from kneeling on the cold hospital ground to pray, but they knew what was important. After they finished their prayer, he kissed her and they said I love you. You could tell this was nothing out of the ordinary for them, this was just what they had always done.

Then there was my dear sweet Violet. She was a temple worker, and I worked with her in her home as she was recovering from a hip replacement. She had been a nurse for over 30 years, and had a husband who I like to think of as the gentle giant. He always would care for Violet when I wasn't there, and any of her simple requests were always met with a quite, "Yes Dear." One day I was sitting with Vi, and putting cream on her scar. We were talking about how I was getting married soon, and how excited I was. I asked her, "What is some advice you could give me as I start my new marriage?" She wrinkled her brow slightly, and a serious face came upon her. She said, "From the beginning of our marriage, I always made sure that I had a crisp, ironed white shirt ready for my husband, in case he was called to perform a Priesthood duty for church." Such a simple little thing, but such an example of honoring and respecting a Husband who is definitely a Man of God, with a strong Woman of God right next to him.

Last, but certainly not least, is the story of Elden and Alice. David's great Uncle and Aunt, who i swear could be angels. Last month, they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. SEVENTY YEARS PEOPLE. He is 94 years old, and just a couple months ago retired as a temple worker. She is 91, and has the most spunky personality you could imagine. Neither of them look like they are in their 90's, nor do they act like it. But they are darling. We visited them last Sunday night, and stayed for over 2 hours. They told us the story of how they met, how they made sacrifices and weren't able to live together for 5 years due to his service in World War II. They told us how they lived in a tiny run down unfinished basement apartment for $16.00 a month, and how they only dated for 3 months before they got married.
Three Months.
This is like the story of David and I. We met in February 2012, and got married the last day in May 2012. Everyone thought we were crazy, and apparently a lot of people thought they were too. But there they were 70 years later, happy as can be, sitting in their recliners next to each other telling us about their 29 grandchildren, and over 45 great-grandchildren.
 Of course, I asked them my favorite question, "What is your best advice on marriage?" Alice chuckled, looked at Elden and said, "Just do your part." Elden nodded in agreement as Alice continued, "In all of our 70 years of marriage we haven't gotten in one argument.... well, we have disagreed on a few things here and there, but nothin nasty."
My jaw hit the floor.
How is that possible? I've been married for only 11 months, and I definitely can't say the same... But It's possible when you have two humble, unselfish people who do their part, and continually work.

Heaven help me as I have so much to learn about marriage. 

Marriage is the greatest blessing God has ever given me. Seriously the most fun I have had in my life has been in this past year with the love of my life. But I'll be the first to tell you that marriage is hard, and it is work. But happy be the day when we celebrate our 50th anniversary, or If we live long enough, 70 years.

Read any book you want to, Learn about love languages, watch Dr. Phil (Jk, don't).
But the best advice on Marriage you can get on this earth, in my opinion, is from the wisdom of those wrinkly hands that still hold tight to the one they have journeyed with for years, and years, and years.... and years.

70 Years. Not one fight.

That my friend, is real, deep, hard working love, with two souls who understand the importance of Marriage that is eternal, and forever holds the center of their lives, and love, with God.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Aspiration: Master Chef (Not quite there yet...)

When I was planning on getting married, I was so excited to be a wife and to learn how to cook and hopefully make the best meals that my husband had ever tasted, ever (high hopes). But, lets be honest, just because your brother made you believe you were a really good grilled cheese maker your whole life (just to get you to cook for him), doesn't make you a master chef (even though you might feel like it). Cooking is actually one of my favorite things to do, I'm just really grateful that I have a husband that is okay with being my guinea pig for awhile.

We rang in the new year in the sunny state of California. David's parents took us to a yummy Tepinyaki restaurant and we ate the best Steak we had ever tasted. Which is good and bad, because whenever I try and make steak now, we talk about how much we miss that cool Asian guy that cooked the filet in 10 seconds, made it look so easy, and created the most mouth watering, juicy filet you could ever imagine. Then there is Mrs. New Wife over here. Trying to cook the best steak just like the cool Asian guy, and it ends up being beef jerky. Mr. Christensen is always a good sport though and promises that I make the best beef jerky he has ever tasted.... Which gives me hope. Bless his heart.

This was tough for me in the beginning because I have this problem where I really want it to be perfect the first time. But God knew this was a flaw of mine and sent me a husband that let me know that it's okay to not come out of the womb as a master chef. He helped me realize that even if I overcook a steak or two (or 3, or 4) and that I might accidentally leave the noodle strainer next to the oven burner and create burnt plastic noodles, and it's okay. Practice makes perfect. 

As women, we need to learn to not beat ourselves up if we don't nail it the first time. If cooking (or anything, really) is a talent you really want to be good at, work at it, and let God help you be patient with yourself! I'm slowly learning this as well. SO in conclusion, here is one of my new favorite, easy, Fail proof recipe,

(Crock Pot) Pesto Ranch Chicken (JUST 4 INGREDIENTS)
-6-8 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
-1/2 Cup Chicken Breast
-1 6 oz. Jar of Pesto 
-1 Packet of Dry Ranch 
Put chicken in crock pot. Dump in pesto, dry ranch, and chicken broth. Stir together.
Crock Pot: Low for 7 hours (or high for 4) 
Serve over rice :) 

(Photo courtesy of this blog

Ps. I saw this on this cute blog, and it helped me realize something really important. 
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