Thursday, May 2, 2013

This month in Pictures.

April has come and gone. We've almost been married for a whole YEAR! Marriage is seriously the greatest. I've never had so much fun, been so frustrated, been so madly in love, laughed so hard, or worked harder at anything in my life. Having a boy roommate forever, rocks. 

April really was so good to us though.
Here's to Good habits, new friends, and new beginnings. 


This handsome man of mine is quite the reader.
 I obviously have a crush on him, because I sneak pictures of him when he's in his natural habitat. 
On April 26th, He graduated from BYU, Double majoring in Business and Communications, with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. 3 days later he started his Masters program in Manufacture Engineering.
 He's a genius. 
And oh so attractive...... just sayin.

And we totally matched that day... without even planning it. How tender. 

My amazing in-laws came down from Fresno to see their baby boy graduate. I seriously scored on in-laws, they do so much for us, and make me feel sooo loved.

I started my first day as a Provo LDS Temple volunteer. I work there once a week, and it is such a huge blessing in my life. (this is me holding the little bag they give us to carry in our dresses, I just have a ton of mints in there... haha)
My cousin Derrick Harris got called to serve in the Narobi, Kenya mission. He landed in the South Africa MTC on April 30th. What a stud!
I found spring in my backyard.
And I made my very first little flower box. Our front porch is ugly, so I went to Home depot, got wood cut to size, nailed it, painted it, and put in my cute little spring flowers. I just love them. And I'm an old lady.
Got to see some close friends from Seattle at Haleigh's wedding. Congrats Hal! We're all married!!!
(p.s. - I love the rice in Haleighs hair... cute) 

Bring on MAY! :) 

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