Monday, August 11, 2014

29 Week Pregnancy update

 Due date: He is still currently due October 25th, 2014.

How far along: 29 weeks! I'M FINALLY IN THE THIRD TRIMESTER :D

Size of baby: Chart says 2.5 pounds. but I'm reeeeallllly hoping that's a typo and that the baby is more like 25 pounds, because that would make me feel a lot better about this weight gain ;)

Maternity clothes: I found the best maternity leggings at Burlington Coat Factory on sale for $4.00 (I'm a huge cheapskate bargain shopper) I've been loving leggings, dresses and skirts. I bought some maternity jeans the other day, but it's still too hot for that nonsense. I'd rather just walk around in a swimsuit..... but that's awkward.

Weight Gain: I stopped looking at a scale a few weeks ago. It was making me too depressed, haha. My theory is that I will just do the best to eat healthy, and take care of my body, and the weight I gain is what is necessary for my chubby little boy to thrive, which is all that I care about :)
Sleep: This is still a real struggle. David calls me his tornado sleeper, because we will go to sleep in a nice straight covers bed, and wake up with like 3 pillows contorted around my body, 2 pillows on the floor, and blankets everywhere. I blame it on the baby, he's a kicker, and he keeps me moving!
Best moment this week: I HEARD HIS HEARTBEAT WITH MY OWN STETHOSCOPE! I'm going to Medical Assisting school, and one day in class I thought I would try and hear his heartbeat, and I found it within 10 seconds. I had just drank orange juice, and his heart rate was around 160 BPM. Now I check his heart rate almost everyday like a psycho stalker mom.

Movement: Constantly. He is hiccuping a ton (which is so cool, and sad at the same time).

I don't know what the kid is doing in there. He moves so much! I'll randomly feel a little foot/elbow/knee sliiiiiiide across my belly, and I always get excited. 
  Food cravings/aversions: I basically just crave all foods all the time... :) I seriously feel like I'm always hungry. But my favorite thing lately has been fruit, and whole wheat carbs. (Like the other day I was desperate for carbs, and I ate a plain whole wheat tortilla as I ran out the door, and I had to run back in to get more because it tasted so good... what the heck?)
Gender: stilllllll a boy (at least I hope so...)

Labor signs: I've been having Braxton Hick contractions for about 8 weeks now. Which are "practice contractions." They don't really hurt, they are just really uncomfortable at first, and then I can't breathe very well until I switch positions. 
  Belly button - in or out?: This little sucker is mostly still in, but if I have eaten a big meal, or laugh really hard, it pokes half-way out. My sister in-law told me that the baby isn't done "cooking" until the belly button pops out (that's my timer) :'D
What I miss: Not having Acid Reflux, not having back pain, and not having to waddle :)

and being able to go in a HOT hot tub. Also, being able to stand up by myself without having David help me up, and me grunting like an old fat guy.
What I am looking forward to: My baby shower next weekend! I can't wait to see a bunch of awesome people that I haven't seen in a while. Also, I'm obviously excited to have my baby in 10 weeks.

Any scary moments the past 9 weeks?: 
I layed out on the pool for a little while the other day, and didn't think I was going to get any color. I thought that my black Tankini would be too hot for him (dummy), so I lifted it up while I layed on the pool lounger for a half hour, and the next day my tummy was BRIGHT red. I felt so bad :( 

Also, I have been having episodes of really low Iron spells, where my levels are so low that I act like a zombie, and I can't keep my eyes open. But if I consistently take my iron pills, all is well. Other than that, not much. I mean, I am constantly worrying about him, but I feel very, very blessed.

Funny moments I want to remember:
  • I work in an Alzheimer's Unit, and my residents are so funny about me being pregnant. Every time I go to work, I (re)tell them that I am pregnant, and they get so excited for me each time, poke my belly, and ask me the same questions over and over again. Last month, I pointed to my belly out to one of my residents and said "Joe look, I'm pregnant!" and he goes "Oh crap. It's not mine right?" :'D hahaha!
  • At our family reunion my little nephew Andrew was really fascinated with my belly. One morning I was wearing a tighter shirt and he pats my belly and says "I think you might be stretching your shirt out." The next day he was just staring at my belly, so I knew something good was coming, and he says "Do people know you're pregnant, or do you think they just think you're fat?" ha, bless him. 

Any purchases for baby?: So many purchases, I love it! Seriously I love shopping for him WAY more than for myself. Again, I am a big bargain shopper, so I have found some really cute stuff on the Sale racks at Target and Old Navy. I found him the cutest tiny little shoes. David thinks baby shoes are pointless, but I'll prove him wrong, don't you worry. I got him his "First Christmas" outfit and his "First Halloween" outfit :) Still don't have ANY of the little necessities, but we'll get to that ;) I have done a lot of shopping around and have most of the things we want picked out, but we don't really want to store them in our little apartment until it's time for the little guy to actually use them. 

 Current pregnancy symptoms:
  • Back pain: We drove to Idaho last weekend and I had to put a  pillow under my bum the whole drive. And I can't sit for too long without my tailbone feeling like it's going to split in half.... trying to brace myself because I know it will only get worse!
  •  At about 24 weeks I started feeling nauseous again :( Not as bad as first trimester, but I have thrown up a few more times the past few weeks.
  • Acid Reflux: Still pretty wicked. It isn't constant though, it comes and goes. But I have officially gone through a whole bottle of Tums which I didn't think was possible.
  • Braxton Hicks
  • Hungry all the time
  • I have to pee like every hour. This little boy uses my bladder as a trampoline, bless his bouncy little heart.
  • Nesting: This is real you guys. A couple of weeks ago I borrowed my sisters carpet steamer, and it was the most therapeutic thing ever sucking up all that dirt. I was in heaven. (so weird) And I have been really OCD about trying to keep my house clean (which if you know me, is also SO weird)
  • Pregnancy brain: Also not a myth. I have lost count on all the times that I will walk into a room to get something, and I will just stand there for a minute having no idea what I'm doing. It's awkward.
I hope this doesn't sound like I'm complaining too much! This was really long, but I just want to remember everything. I am LOVING being pregnant, it is such an adventure, and such a miracle! Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

20 Week Pregnancy Update

Pregnancy has been such an adventure! The beginning was pretty rough for me, but things are getting so much better and I am extremely grateful to be carrying this healthy little guy. 

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Due date: He is currently due October 25th, 2014

How far along: 20 weeks and 2 days! More than halfway. WOO HOO!

Size of baby: Apparently the size of a banana, so i call him my little monkey. 6.46 Inches, and a little over 10 ounces. It's crazy to think that he is only that tiny, and over the next 20 weeks he will get alooooot bigger. (and so will I, yay)

Maternity clothes: The other day I had to do the rubber band around the button on my jean pants trick... that was weird. But David thought I was really innovative! I bought a ton of maternity clothes about a month ago, mostly shirts and dresses because I have a long torso, and apparently it's not "In" to wear belly shirts ;) But i mostly just wear my yoga pants and leggings everyday right now because that's all I can wear to school.

Stretch marks: None on my belly or hips, but these Ta Ta's have a couple glory marks on them. Oh well!

Weight Gain: Um I think like 9 lbs so far?

Sleep: Oh this is an adventure. I'm always trying new ways to fall asleep, because now it takes me forever. I sleep with about 5 pillows, need to have a fan on me or window open, and I wake up almost every night around 4:00 am, and sit there debating whether or not getting up to pee is worth all the hard work, lol, but seriously. But I can't complain, because I still get like 9-10 hours of sleep each night.

Best moment this week: The other night David was able to feel him kick so many times and I loved seeing the smile on David's face, and his eyes light up when our little man kicked him. He's gonna be the cutest daddy.

Movement: Oh yes. This little rascal is a kicker and I love every second that I get to feel him. If you ever see me staring off into the distance, smiling, and awkwardly holding my belly, it's because hes kicking me and I'm cherishing it :) Yesterday I was holding our Tablet computer on my belly and he kicked me so hard it bounced the tablet. SO cool!

Food cravings/aversions: Juicy green salads with ranch on top. And mexican food. But mostly it's just a random "current craving" that I have to have RIGHT NOW. Like the other day it was garlic bread. And yesterday it was a peach. You never know with this crazy pregnant lady.

Gender: We found out on May 14th that it's a BOY! 

Labor signs: Thankfully, none.

Belly button - in or out?: Still in. But it has started to stretch horizontally, and if I sit up slowly like I'm kind of doing a sit up, it starts to poke out, so I'm sure it will happen in no time.

What I miss: Being able to eat without having to "chase" it with Antacid tablets :)

What I am looking forward to: My belly growing! And Our Anatomy scan appointment next week.

Any scary moments this week?: Yes. I work in the Alzheimer unit at an Assisted living center, and the other day a 93 year old lady suddenly got very angry and back-hand hit me in the stomach. I was fine physically, but emotionally, I was a mess. It really scared me.

Current pregnancy symptoms:
- Posterior Pelvic pain on my right side. It's where I randomly have a sharp pain right above my bum, on my pelvis, and it occurs usually when I stand up or bend down. And when it happens I grab my back like an old lady, and let out a moan that probably sounds like a cow. It's awkward. We're working on that.

- Round ligament pain. Random sharp pain on the right side of my tummy. That was a scary moment when I first felt it, because it is so sharp and sudden that it takes your breath away for a second, but it's normal.

- Leaky Ta Ta's. I hope that's not TMI. Oh well. When it first happened I was like "WHAT IS HAPPENING?" and then I was really grateful and emotional because it meant that I would be able to nurse, David wasn't as excited as I was.... hahaha. But my Doctor said it was normal for some women to leak this early. Gosh pregnancy is so glamorous.

- Acid Reflux. It's all fun and games until you realize that you have to rush home from dinner to get your Antacid tablets before you start breathing fire. (and just kidding it's not all fun and games)

- Emotions. Seriously, who cries while watching the Miss USA pageant? Or when a pregnancy commercial comes on? Or the other day at church, the Young Women were in Relief society and we had to all recite the YW values, and I was totally crying. It was embarrassing.

Any purchases for baby?: Um no. Is that bad? A friend gave me the cutest onsie today, and I bought one a while back, but I just have been too busy with school and work to worry about buying all of that just yet. I still have another 4-5 months,and I've definitely done a lot of research on bassinets and cribs and strollers, but I'm not in a huge rush because I have no idea where we will be living in the next few months so I don't want to buy a ton of stuff.