Tuesday, April 10, 2012

LETTERS: Glasses, Dresses, & Lovers.

LETTERS OF APRIL 10th 2012. Glasses, Dresses, and lovers.
Dear Love of my life, I really like how you look in your cute little glasses. You remind me of superman. 
Dear Mom and Dad, I hope my marriage is as beautiful as your guys'. Thanks for your example on how to love your best friend. 
Dear Jake and Kelci, I like you guys. And you make beautiful babies. Kelc, you chose a good one. Ps, thank you so much for the wings. It made my mouth on fire. Sorry for spilling your Mango lemonade. It was your baby's fault. I swear.
Dear Rebecca O. Roundy, My 20 minute conversation with you today made me laugh. I hope that your husband isn't color blind. And I hope that this "Party" you're planning for me has something to do with poles, or a different version of pin the "tale" on the "donkey". 
Dear White Dress, I bought you and took you home today. This is really happening....

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Letters

Dear DRC, Thanks for walking around the beautiful temple with me today. I love you. and I love Easter with you. Here's to lots more. Can't wait to play easter bunny with you. Hop Hop. Dear Mom, Thanks for making the MEANEST easter meal in the whole world. I hope I inherit your cooking skills... Dear Tulips, You take my bref away. I want you in my wedding. Dear girl who sang "His Hands" in Sacrament, You sounded like an angel, and you made my eyes leak. ALOT. That's one of my favorite songs.Thanks for reminding me of the true meaning of Easter.


                                 Loriel Charlyn.

One thing I must add: I am so grateful for my sweet Savior, Jesus Christ. Because of him I can feel whole again. Because of him I can feel happiness everyday. Because of him I know what love is. I know that he lives. I know that he loves me, and that he died for all of us. 

I love his work, and I love this Gospel. 
If you want to know more about why I believe this, watch this very powerful video.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Letters to my favorite people (and things) #1

I decided that this blog is adorable, and the way she writes letters about everything is brilliant. So she inspired me to do the same. And the picture above was a letter I woke up to after I fell asleep. He's cute. You'll most likely see a letter to Mr. Christensen everyday, and to inanimate objects or random people, places, or things. I think it'll be a great way to journal things.

Dear Mr. Christensen, Today I didn’t get to see you until 10 minutes before midnight. Thanks for texting me and telling me that I’m your best friend. And thanks for talking to me until 2:28am over the phone last night. I asked you why you were being quiet for a long time, and you said you were taking notes on how to be better for me.You're my favorite boy on earth.  Dear Snow, I try to love everyone, but right now I don't love you. It's April, go where you belong (Antarctica will accept you) Dear New Phone, I'm really excited for the rest of our life together. I'm sorry in advanced for dropping you on your head. I'll do everything I can to protect you. Dear Roomate Shan, thanks for waking me up to the smell of your banana bread. You're so domestic. Dear David Ryan, (YOU GET TWO LETTERS) I met your parents last night. And they said that they could tell you were in love with me. This melted my heart. You're my best fwend.


Loriel Charlyn