Tuesday, April 10, 2012

LETTERS: Glasses, Dresses, & Lovers.

LETTERS OF APRIL 10th 2012. Glasses, Dresses, and lovers.
Dear Love of my life, I really like how you look in your cute little glasses. You remind me of superman. 
Dear Mom and Dad, I hope my marriage is as beautiful as your guys'. Thanks for your example on how to love your best friend. 
Dear Jake and Kelci, I like you guys. And you make beautiful babies. Kelc, you chose a good one. Ps, thank you so much for the wings. It made my mouth on fire. Sorry for spilling your Mango lemonade. It was your baby's fault. I swear.
Dear Rebecca O. Roundy, My 20 minute conversation with you today made me laugh. I hope that your husband isn't color blind. And I hope that this "Party" you're planning for me has something to do with poles, or a different version of pin the "tale" on the "donkey". 
Dear White Dress, I bought you and took you home today. This is really happening....

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