Thursday, March 8, 2012

Guess what? I found him.

WARNING: This is mushy gooshy. And I'm a passionate person so it probably sounds super cheesy, but I JUST DON'T CARE :)
                Read if you want, leave if you don't :)
My life has completely changed. Shockingly changed. Beautifully changed. As in if you would have told me a month ago where my life would be right now, I would have laughed at you for about an hour, and secretely wish that it were true. But sure enough, in just one month, my life has come alive. My soul has found it's light, and my heart has been opened. This brings me to my conclusion. I am in love with the most incredible man in the entire world. I have found him. HIM. The LOVE of my LIFE. That one guy who will be my best friend, who will travel the world with me, cry at the marvels of this earth, hold my heart when it wants to break, and hold my hand when we're old and gray.

Oh you want to meet him? Ok that's cool. Here he is. Mr. David Ryan Christensen.

How did we meet: February 11th, 2012. (Wow Loriel, You're insane, that's not even a month ago) Yeah I know. I'll explain how I have had some incredible answers from a higher source telling me that this is right. Remember that.
We were at a little event in Provo, called "The Pink Party." I saw this beautiful man wearing a blue ford shirt. I liked his bravery. I walked passed him, grabed his shirt and said "Hmm, I like ford trucks. Good choice." Then I kept walking. Mr. Christensen didn't like that. So he grabbed my arm and said, "Where do you think you're going?" Then I said "INTO YOUR ARMS FOREVER" 
Just kidding that's weird.

So we talked for a little bit. He asked for my number.
He texted me and said "I want to see you. Sooner, or later?"
I texted back "Sooner." 
Sooner as in he thought he should ask me out for our first date on Valentines day. The day of lovers. Romance. Forever. But... it felt right. I agreed, and it was planned. I was nervous. What was I thinking? I'm going on a date, [not a big deal,] Im going on a date on valentines day, [wasn't expecting that] I'm going on a first date on valentines day. [What?]

 First Date: February 14th, 2012. 
From 7:22 pm until the time he arrived, I sat nervously in my hall, taking pictures with my roomates and making sure my hair was perfectly curled. And in my nervousness we came up with poses like this (on the right, taken literally 3 minutes before i met HIM)

7: 36pm. He knocked on my door. I saw his face and I thought, oh wow, I forgot how attractive you are. Happy Valentines day to me. Then he walked me to his car. I won't tell you what it was, but it was beautiful, and fast. So we drove to a hole in the wall Chinese restaurant in down-town Provo, China Town. I love food. everything about food, and I'll eat anything. This little place was darling for our first date. The first hour and a half of our date we stuffed our faces with food and talked about our lives. I liked him. I liked his smile, his loud, booming laugh. I wasn't swept off my feet though. But wait, he ended up sweeping me right off. The last 2 hours of our date were spent sitting in his car talking about the Gospel. We talked about our passion for God. Our passion for life,and the way we viewed the world. This was the moment where something sparked a light in my soul telling me that this wasn't any ordinary man. I have never in my entire life met someone who knew more about the Gospel. This man is obsessed with it. He loves it, and he knows it well. The most important person in his life is Jesus Christ, and I've never seen a more beautiful relationship. Yes I was attracted to him, but I have never felt more attracted to someone's soul before, or felt more connected to someones heart. Yeah, I know this sounds cheesy, but shoot world I will give you super cheesy because I am in love. 

So to round things up a bit..... we fell in love in 48 hours. Wow really Loriel, you're one of those girl?. I used to make fun of girls like you and shake my head in disbelief. But world, I cannot explain to you how I felt a spiritual prompting, and burning in my soul, that It was right to be in love with this man. It definitely came as a surprise. By the second day I couldn't believe this guy was real. I kept on having this feeling that I was falling in love with him. My mind would fight with my heart and say "Loriel You're insane. There's no such thing as love at first sight. You don't even know this guy." But my heart was saying the complete opposite. In my heart I felt peace, I felt assurity that this fast moving love was ok. It was scary, it was fast, but it was good. I never thought I would feel the spirit with love. I never thought I could feel like this. But it happened. On February 16th, David looked at me and said "Loriel, It's hard to believe but I have fallen in love with you in 48 hours." I could believe it actually, because in my heart I felt the exact same way. So after we said it, I giggled like a little girl (and he did too) and we realized our lives had forever been changed. 

The days that followed were filled with some incredible experiences that are too sacred for me to post online. But I can tell you, that I know that this is right, this is good, and this is inspired. Yeah it's fast. Really fast. But world, let me tell you, when you know, you know. When the Lord has a plan, he will let you know, and you have the choice to be faithful and enjoy the ride, or back down with fear and lose something that would have been incredible.

Please, call me crazy. I know. I understand that to the world it is shocking, weird, scary and unreal. But I promise you, I have felt the things I've felt, and I have never been happier in my entire life.

The moral of the story is that it is important to center our lives in Christ. He has a plan for you. An incredible, unbelievable plan. It might seem like a crazy fast plan, but you need to trust in the one that created you. 

Hold on tight heart, cause it's gonna be an adventurous ride.

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